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Free Returns

At IBelieveInGodThings.com, we believe shopping online should never be a risk.Risk Free Shopping - Free Returns. Our Risk-Free Shopping Guarantee takes the risk out of shopping online!We guarantee your satisfaction with every item you purchase.If you don’t like your...

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Don’t Quit

Do you ever just want to QUIT? Sometimes life just seems too difficult, but Don't Give Up! It would be easier to quit and move on to something else, but Don't Give Up! After all, how many people can you help? How much good can you do and not wear out? Let me quote...

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An Incredible Story About Miracles

Throughout my writings, there is a common thread about miracles. They are not always big events and quite often are small events or actions. These small events add up to a miraculous result. This article appeared in The Kearney Hub and exemplifies how people play a...

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Be Careful What You Think About

"Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life" Proverbs 4:23 NCV What are your thoughts? I came across this verse in a daily devotional the other day and it seemed like one of those "WOW" verses. Do your thoughts make you happy or sad? excited or...

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Life And Death Decisions

A Day I Will Never Forget "You should let your wife pass away, she will never have a good quality of life and neither will you." Talk about life and death decisions! Have you ever heard those words from your doctor? I’ll never forget the day two of my wife’s doctors...

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It’s Never Too Late For A New Start

Can You Have A New Start? Of course! You can have a new start every day!  Starting over is what saves us from ourselves and Satan. When things go wrong there are many ways to look at it. I'm going to talk about just two. You can "own" it, learn from it, understand the...

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Get Healthy With Jesus

A New Year's Resolution Gone Awry Get healthy with Jesus and expect change! It's February and it's the second month of your New Years Resolution. How is that working out for you?  Did you lose weight? Start exercising? Stop a bad habit? Start a new good habit?...

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A Miracle In Las Vegas

This is an incredible story of God's Miracles. When humans think there is no hope, He has his own way of getting the message to us to stay the course. See the video courtesy of NBC News Luke 1:37 "For nothing will be impossible with God."

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