Let Us Help With Your Next Fundraising Campaign – No Volunteers Needed

We believe in giving back. We offer fundraising ideas for Churches – Christian Schools, that help finance your organization in a fun and family-friendly way. Unlike fundraising events that require children, families, and congregations to go out and sell products, our easy fundraising solution is done on our own website and requires no volunteers. 

We know how difficult it can be to organize a fundraiser, get the necessary people together, make signs, advertise, set up and tear down.

At IBeliveInGodThings.com we have a simple solution that can help you with your Christian School and Church fundraising. And,  you can set it up in just minutes. If you’re looking for quick fundraising ideas, call our toll free number, 800-905-0274 or fill out the form below.

The IBelieveInGodThings.com Fundraising Program

  • Easy Set Up – We Provide You With A Code
  • You Promote In Your Bulletin, Social Media, Print Media
  • Open To School Parents, Congregation, Friends & Family
  • Raise Funds Any Time Of The Year
  • Can Do Multiple Times Per Year
  • No Upfront Costs To Your School Or Church
  • No payments to collect for purchases
  • No volunteers required – we do all the work

Easy To Run

  • No Orders To Take – They are done on our website
  • No Product To Receive – Shipped directly to customer
  • No Orders To Sort – We gather orders and ship to your customer
  • No Orders To Deliver – We provide Free Shipping to  your customer
  • No Orders To Track -Every customer is provided a tracking number

Generous Profits

  • We will donate a portion of the purchase amount from your event to your Christian School or church
  • Does not include Sales Tax collected

Fundraising Ideas For Schools

  • Supplies and Curriculum
  • School Trips
  • Playground Equipment
  • Computers and Computer Lab

Fundraising Ideas For Church

  • Youth Group Fundraiser
  • Unified Fundraiser
  • Stewardship Fundraiser
  • Church Maintenance Fundraiser
  • Mission Trip Fundraiser

More Options

Our 10% Donation program is the easiest with almost no work on your part. We have other options available. Call 800-905-0274 for more information.

Read more about IBelieveInGodThings.com

Option #2

Specific Shirt
  • Choose a shirt to promote Take orders Place the order with us. Your church receives $3 per shirt Give us a call at 800-905-0274 or fill out the form below for more details

Option #3

Specific Product
Amt. Varies
  • Choose a product to promote Choose a selling price Take orders Place the order with us Your church receives the difference between the cost, and the selling price we agree to Give us a call at 800-905-0274 or fill out the form below for more details

Want more information? Submit this form and we will contact you.

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