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I Believe In God Things


I Believe In God Things Designs

We believe so strongly that God Things exist so we created our own “I Believe In God Things” designs.

Our logo on your Christian and Religious clothing tells others that you believe God is working in your life and the lives of others. God’s miracles are our God Things.

Keep A Record Of Your Prayers

In the book War Room: Prayer is a Powerful Thing, Clara has a prayer room where she writes her prayers on notes on the wall and marks them when they come true. Now you can do the same thing but don’t need an entire room to keep track. My God Things Journal, available on Amazon, is a beautiful 365-page Journal where you can write down your prayers then check them off as they happen.

Never Miss Another Christmas Card

Keep your addresses in one place and track who you’ve sent Christmas cards too as well as received them from. You can track up to 6 years with this Christmas Card Record Book, available on Amazon. Also, includes a section in the back to keep track of gift ideas for individuals as well as what store/website to get purchase them at.

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