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My God Things Journal

A beautiful religious daily journal to help appreciate God in your life! No matter what faith guides you, God makes His presence known daily. The God Things he uses to accomplish this can be as simple as a smile on a child, or a bird greeting you on your doorstep. This journal is dedicated to every man, woman, and child that is blessed with the sight to see, and be thankful for, those little God Things. The My God Things Journal is designed to enhance daily appreciation of all the little ways our Creator makes himself visible (and available) to us on a daily basis. Every day starts with a quote for inspiration, and then asks three questions: 1) What God Things did you witness yesterday? 2) What are you looking forward to today? 3) What is your hope for tomorrow? Fill your life with joy and appreciation – Start using the My God Things Journal today! Available only on Amazon. Free Shipping With Prime Membership.

My God Things Journal

My God Things Journal Front PageMy God Things Journal - Page 1

My God Things Christmas Card Record Book

Our Christmas Card Record Book keeps you organized and ready to send your Christmas cards. Now you can have addresses in one place and track who you’ve sent Christmas cards too as well as who your received them from. You can track up to 6 years with this Christmas Card Record Book. Also, includes a section in the back to keep track of gift ideas for individuals as well as what store/website to get purchase them at. Available Only on Amazon. Free Shipping with Prime membership.

My God Things Christmas Card Record Book

Christmas Card Record Keeper

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